• Here and RED HOT ROO we produce a small range of hand crafted Kangaroo Jerky using the king of protein and iron- Prime Kangaroo meat. We are passionate about using only the highest quality ingredients to create our amazing jerky.


 Our HOT gourmet kangaroo jerky comes with the perfect kick of chilies and spices. Handcrafted with 100%premium Roo meat, results in the best taste sensation and the best Kangaroo jerky you can buy.
Size :

55 g

Red Hot Roo Kangaroo Jerky is the king of protein and iron, made using only the highest quality ingredients. A 100% Australian Made, low in fat snack to enjoy anytime.

The Process

  • 1. Premium kangaroo meat is hung and drained of moisture overnight.
  • 2. Then prepared and cut by hand.
  • 3. The meat is then seasoned and marinated over night with all natural ingredients.
    ( free of nitrates and msg)
  • 4. Slowly air dried to perfection.
  • 5. Left to rest before being packaged to send you the tastiest and healthiest meat
We source our meat from an Australian, family owned company who work closely with governments to develop quality control with responsible and ethical harvesting procedures.

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